This is a word with so many meanings. What immediately comes to mind when you think of this word? Fuel on the surface is something that creates energy. As a verb, it is a substance which powers, ignites, and inflames.
What fuels you? What produces that energy in you?

For many, it might be their family, community, career, or perhaps something much deeper. Whatever creates a burning passion in your belly is the fuel for your life. Each day that passes without enough passion makes us drained, tired, uninspired, and weak.

What are you passionate about?

Some people struggle through their life without feeling energized. They are existing, going through the outward motions of living but are not fueled by any passion that ignites true life in them.

Is this you?

Finding a purpose as a fuel to power you up every day beyond the existing mundane is another powerful energy source. Purpose comes in many forms and can be widely explored and mined.

Purpose and Passion are the most precious fuels that cost nothing but must be sourced from within one’s self, not from the outside world. The mining of this fuel can be done at an early age and it just grows with intensity and abundance. When Passion and Purpose are only excavated later in life, it is much harder to chisel away the layers to discover them.
It is a sustainable and renewable energy that never changes its firm grip.
Purpose and Passion exist in each of us. It is simply about making a choice to go on that adventurous discovery process to mine that which is abundant within. To know that this is our life’s energy source, it makes the exploration process a powerful and tempting discovery.
When searching for our purpose and passion, it takes awakening your desire and heightening your curiosity level to endure the painful and dark days that come along the way. Many people do not desire or crave the energy, so they never go digging!

Have you gone digging? What is stopping you?

If you knew you would find the most precious, valuable thing on earth that no one could steal from you, would you go searching?

You have it within you!

Treasure yourself. You are the most precious and unique thing on earth, and your Passion and Purpose are waiting to fuel you!

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