I think of a piece of dead wood drifting down the river without a care in the world. A bird drifts in the sky, catching the wind and then fully relaxes into the glide. Butterflies seem to just flit about but are drifting helplessly under the summer sky. A boat has the option to drift without anchor or the controlled power from the motor.
What else can you think of that drifts through life?

Drifting can often be considered a form of laziness, having no direction, or worse yet, just out of control. For so many, control is the holy grail of success, but is it?
I don’t think there is a feeling better than immersing yourself in the water and allowing your body to float and drift with the current. The body goes limp and has no resistance to the pressure of the day, expectations of others, and cannot grab onto anything to control. The water is elusive.
Allowing yourself to drift periodically through life is like permitting yourself to let go of everything in this life. If you give up control, drifting can be healing, rejuvenating, meditative. It is a form of self-care.
Practice giving yourself a day to drift in the moments as they come. If you can float in water, that’s even better. It will take you back to a time before birth, when we merely drifted in our mother’s womb without a care, just been free.
Can you give yourself the gift of drifting? If just for a moment, let your thoughts drift to a pleasurable height and see how that makes you feel. Learn to cherish the drift. It is where you will find your soul waiting.
It is not surprising that nature’s creatures have mastered the art of drifting. For with drifting comes calmness, peace, and solitude. Drift away and be engulfed in your dreams, desires, and pleasures. The rejuvenation awaits!

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