Life has a way of surprising us at every turn. A person wakes up to the phone call telling of a death in the family. We head down for breakfast and slip on the carpet, only to be rushed to the hospital with a back injury. As we venture out for lunch, we get hit by a car in the parking lot, only to slow us down.
What in your life did you not see coming?

The joy of a new friend saying hello in a nail salon, resulting in a deep friendship over the years. Or the surprise of promotion because someone saw something in you that you did not see in yourself. What about that amazing, loving glance from another that connects souls in an instant and then results in a marriage that lasts for a lifetime?
Life is full of moments that we never saw coming! Moments, neither good nor bad, but precious moments to jolt us awake to a new reality. When you never saw it coming, there is an element of surprise, adventure, uneasiness, and invigoration. Sometimes, those very moments cripple you to your knees or create dance moves you never knew you had!
I never saw so much of my life coming! Did you? 

Good or bad, it is a test in resiliency and gratitude! Each unexpected moment could have never been dreamt up or desired. Each with its precious gift bestowed with the surprise. The gift of growth for the one that embraces the adventure versus the one who rejects it with disdain.
We don’t willingly choose the shifts to happen in us, nor do we seek it. This is why we must not be blindsided by the moments that we never saw coming. It is the only way to force the shift in a person towards their purpose. We naturally resist change and covet the expected, which makes us unsettled for a while when we are jolted by something we never saw coming.
It is all in the greater plan. A plan that was mapped out before we were born. A purpose-filled plan for our lives. Sometimes, it takes longer to stay on course and readjust, but the roadmap is there for our lives. Only when we are not going along with the navigation do we often feel a sense of surprise and say, “Never saw it coming,” yet sometimes God surprises us with the impactful blessings to say thank you and we never saw that coming either!

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