The feeling of butterflies deep in your belly, calls attention for the mind to listen.
That upset stomach pain or the racing heart always indicates the restlessness of the spirit within.
We were born with a complexity of feelings meant to serve and protect us in our everyday life. Unfortunately, as we grow older, the negative feelings are so disturbing that we slowly begin to ignore and close up those feelings. With each day and each painful feeling, we bury our feelings alive.
When it comes to our spirit, it does not die, neither do the feelings; even though we think we have suffocated and killed them. Feelings are simply quiet, sometimes irritable, and often persistent within of us. They do not like to be ignored or forgotten, so you will usually be sideswiped with tears or anger from out of nowhere.

Pay attention to what you feel.

Yes, you must listen to the voice within in order to figure out the messages that each feeling has for you. Feelings serve to teach, elevate, love, create, and guide each one of us throughout this life journey. When we lose the compass deep within, we travel off course.

Listen within for guidance.

One must not mistake the messages you hear from others with the words from within; for only each spirit knows the steps on the map. The mind acts as the compass if we just surrender to our navigator. Do not think you heard the direction. Wait for clarity from listening within. Do not doubt, fear, or avoid listening to the voice within. The sounds will be muffled and won’t be heard clearly. Listen attentively with eagerness, anticipation, and love, knowing that this day will be paved with guidance and blessings.

All that must be heard from within is made known to us by a gradual process (one at a time). Nothing more. Do not overthink the message because when you do, that is when you get lost and lose the way. For it is hard to remember all the guidance at once. In fact, we often get mixed up with which move comes first, causing detours and U-turns in life.
You might not agree with the direction the voice ask you to go after listening, but we must trust our feelings.

Have you ever been lost after ignoring the directions some else told you? Each move is meant to teach us, remember? Even when we have ignored the guidance within, we can still choose to redirect our focus within, listen and obey the next time.

It is never too late!
Feelings hold the previous messages from our spirit, so listen within!


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