Case Study #1: A leader unleashed!

Michelle came to me to support her journey in her career. She was successful and had a good job, but she felt she was lacking confidence and executive presence to get her noticed for the next promotion. For years, she had been doing a good job and liking what she did. Liking her career was not fulfilling her enough. She was looking to thrive.

After a few misfires in job choices, she was finally feeling like she was in a good place and really wanted to take her performance to the next level.

After spending an hour with her on a consultation call, I knew I could support her in her goals. After just a few weeks of working together, I could tell she was beginning to understand herself better. She had identified her passion points that light her up and she was well aware of the opportunities ahead to polish her performance. It all rested in her perception of herself and being more confident in everything she did and thought.

We continued to work on mindset shifts and tactics to develop executive presence. Week to week, she was shifting, building confidence and working on tactics to help guide her. This resulted in many wins should would share during our calls. Ultimately, she was recognized during a downsizing of her team and awarded a new elevated role in a different part of her organization and within a few months in her new role, she was given more responsibility.  It was clear, her shifts in her own view of herself and how she performed and stood out from others at work, resulted in her successful move!

Testimonial: “When I learned that Jacquie was coaching, I immediately reached out to her. I always admired her leadership skills when we worked together and felt she would be influential, providing extremely useful feedback to allow me to grow. Most importantly, I knew she had the skills to support and help me build confidence/leadership presence at work. With every call, she would ask for my successes at work. We would work on a challenge or two from the prior week too. During the time with her, she would help me to realize my full potential and abilities that I was not leveraging. I quickly realized it was all to my mindset. The practical tips and advice that she would share during a session enabled me to take giant strides and to see things that I didn’t see clearly before. I always know Jacquie is there for me to listen and care of me. Her desire is for me to reach my personal and professional goals, ultimately living a very fulfilled life!”