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What is Self-Care anyway?

Self-Care is the act of honoring yourself with love and affection, by doing something just for you that makes you feel alive and cherished. For many women, they take care of everyone else and as a result come last on the list. Paradoxically, we should really be the first on the list to care for, so that we are filled to brim with positive and nurturing energy.

When we put ourselves last, we give off a message to others that it is OK for them to put us last too. So much for healthy relationships, health habits, and happiness!

Reframing how we look at ourselves, as worthy and lovable will help to shift priorities.

I learned this lesson of self-care after many painful experiences in my life. I would blame others for my issues, hope that one day it would not be as much of a struggle, and proceed with self sabotaging┬ábehaviors that kept me on that repetitive “pain wheel”. Sound familiar? There is no one else to turn to for changing your situation, other than you! Yes, you! I came to this discovery and you can too!

You are ENOUGH to change your LIFE!

It is up to each one of us to make the decision to change and then things will change! I realized that in my 40’s!

“I am ENOUGH!” Say it over and over to yourself!


It starts with Self-Care! We must love ourselves to take care of ourselves FIRST!

Know you are enough!

Some ideas on self-love activities that do not cost a lot:

  • Quiet bath or shower using essential oils
  • Quiet walk in nature (no headphones allowed)
  • Workout
  • Meditation or Yoga
  • Morning journal
  • Exhilarating hobby

Let your imagination take you away and get creative! Learn to make you #1! You are worth it!

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BE the Light

BE the light…
What does that mean? Amongst the dark clouds…be the sunshine that refuses to be dimmed by the clouds…despite the negativity around, be the positivity that is heard in the silence.
Be the smile that says so much, but yet makes no sound.
Be the love that makes the heart beat faster simply with your presence and empowers the breadth.
Be the smells of sweetness, not the smell of decay.
Be the light, a small but mighty particle of the Being, the Universe…but BE.

Today, BE purposeful…It is very easy to allow your mind and behaviors to shift into the darkness. When you experience someone with a negative comment today, be purposeful with a positive response. If you see someone feeling defeated, BE the one to encourage them. If your own thoughts wonder into self-doubt, the in your mind about your most delightful moments. Light always finds away to shine through the smallest part of a crack and this is the space of HOPE. In the darkest of moments, seeing the crack of light offers HOPE and ENDURANCE to those most blinded by darkness. It conveys in silence, “It will be OK”.

BE the light for someone!